Which heating system is right for me?

Viessmann's comprehensive range offers individual solutions and efficient systems for all application areas and fuel types. There are many heating system solutions you can choose from, including gas condensing boilers, oil boilers, wood heating systems, and solar thermal systems.

The right system for you depends on your individual situation – the heating output required for your building, available fuel sources and any other unique requirements you may have.

Use the guidelines below to help find out which heating system is right for you.


Gas condensing technology

  • You already have a gas connection, or gas is available on your street.
  • You're looking for a system that is extremely efficient and clean-burning.
  • You want a heating system with an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • You know that proven gas reserves will last at least 70 years, and that gas condensing technology has a future with biogas.

Oil heating technology

  • You have an oil tank, or space for a new one.
  • You may have already heated with oil.
  • You want a heating system with a good price-performance ratio.
  • You know that proven oil reserves will last at least 40 years, and that oil heating technology has a future with bio-fuels.

Wood heating technology

  • You have a storeroom available, with enough storage capacity.
  • You are looking for a renewable fuel source that is CO2-neutral.
  • You want to be independent of oil or gas, and you can handle a higher initial investment because you have a long-term view.

Solar thermal technology

  • You live in a house with an unshaded roof area to the south, west or east.
  • You want to use free energy from the sun to heat your domestic hot water or pool, or to supplement your space heating.
  • You're looking for a renewable energy system that uses the cleanest, most abundant and easily accessible form of energy on earth.
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