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Solar Hot Water and Thermal Heating Systems

Viessmann solar systems meet every requirement for efficient and cost-effective domestic hot water heating and central heating backup. Help protect the environment and save money by using free solar energy.

Solar thermal systems for DHW heating and central heating backup

At Viessmann, we are committed to developing innovative technology with the future in mind, which is why we design our products with a view to supporting and encouraging the use of sustainable, renewable energy sources. All of our heating systems can be complemented with free, renewable energy from your home's solar panels, helping your home to become more environmentally friendly and reducing your fuel bills by harnessing the power of the sun.

Viessmann solar thermal heating systems offer the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and durability. Compatible with our other heating solutions, our solar systems offer you everything you need to make your home as green and future-proof as possible.

Solar thermal heating technology

Solar water heating systems take advantage of the free heat supplied by the sun to warm domestic hot water (DHW). These solutions provide DHW throughout the year, and they can be supported by a boiler to ensure that you have hot water whenever you need it.

If you are planning to replace your existing boiler and already have solar panels on your home, many of our products are designed to support the use of energy from these panels to supplement your heating. We also offer a range of solar collectors, and if you are investing in a new heating system, we recommend that you consider designing it from the outset to incorporate this solar technology. We provide roof-mounted flat plate collectors, solar controls and related system accessories.

Take advantage of Viessmann solar technology to lower your fuel consumption, which will help reduce your heating bills and cut your carbon footprint.

Vitosol 200-FM solar collectors

High quality design

Our advanced Vitosol flat-plate collectors are designed and built to impress, with their high operational reliability, long service life and attractive design. These solar heating systems feature corrosion- and UV-resistant collectors that are built to withstand the elements. They also benefit from unique technologies that ensure maximum efficiently and safety, along with a consistently high thermal output.

Our solar solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with our comprehensive range of heating and hot water products. This enables you to optimize your cost savings and environmental benefits with ease.

What advantages do our solar systems offer?

Lower heating costs

Viessmann solar systems generate heat without using any fuel, lowering your heating costs.

Environmentally friendly

Solar systems use renewable energy that is eco-friendly and free of charge.

Durable and built to last

Viessmann solar collectors are long-lasting and maintenance-free.

No emissions

Solar heating does not produce CO₂ emissions or other pollutants.


A solar system can help your household become more energy independent.


Heating with solar energy helps protect you from fluctuating fuel prices.

Who can benefit the most from a solar system?

While almost everyone can benefit from solar technology,  these heating systems  work best when the solar collectors are placed on a roof that receives lots of direct sunlight. You will get the best performance from a solar system if your home can meet these criteria:

  • You have an unshaded roof that faces south
  • There is enough space on the roof for solar collectors
  • The roof surface has an inclination of 30 to 40 degrees

Even if your house doesn't meet all of these requirements, a Viessmann solar system can still be worthwhile. For example, if you have a flat roof it's possible to use mounting hardware to bring the solar panels up to the optimum angle. And if your roof faces east or west, adding an extra solar panel may help compensate.

Talk to a professional heating contractor to get expert advice, and to help ensure that you get the right system solution for your home.

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