Vitodens 200-W Cascade Systems

Performance and efficiency

Prefabricated multiple boiler system with Vitodens 200-W gas-fired condensing boilers. Rated input: 32 to 4240 MBH

Max efficiency with high turn-down ratio
Increased capacity of up to 4240 MBH
Multiple boilers provide backup
Ideal for small boiler rooms

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Flexible installation

Multiple manifold configurations: floor standing, corner, or back-to-back.

Easy to service

All serviceable components easily accessible from the front.

Optimized design

Boilers are easy to assemble and hydraulically connect prior to installation with prefabricated manifold – no pipe or manifold sizing required.

Intelligent combustion system

Lambda Pro combustion management system automatically adjusts to gas quality.

Integrated low-loss header

This header acts as a hydraulic break and helps eliminate air and debris.

Offered as a packaged system

We ensure that all the right components are included with the system.

Strength in numbers

As many as eight Vitodens 200-W gas-fired condensing boilers can be combined in a single prefabricated cascade system, with inputs up to 4240 MBH. A cascade system fires boilers as required to meet fluctuating heating demands; it maintains maximum efficiency at all times by precisely matching the load.

Get industry-leading condensing technology for your commercial projects with a high-performance Vitodens 200-W multiple boiler system.

Controlling your cascade

Get the best performance from your multiple-boiler installations with the new Vitotronic 300-K, MW2C Cascade Control. This advanced digital boiler and system control with outdoor reset function ensures reliable and efficient performance of a cascade system with up to eight boilers (with Vitotronic 200, HO1B controls).

The Vitotronic 300-K control will modulate, stage and rotate boilers, regulate boiler water and common supply temperature, and with optional extension module, can control up to two heating circuits with mixing valves. Plus, set-up is fast and easy with its plug-and-play function for automatic recognition and adaptation of sensors and system accessories.

Vitotronic 300-K cascade control

Advantages of the Vitodens 200-W Cascade System

Outstanding performance with Vitodens 200-W and Lambda Pro combustion management system.
Ideal for small or difficult-to-access boiler rooms or facilities with narrow halls and stairwells.
Simplified boiler system layout as manifold and low-loss header provide complete primary loop.
Common venting up to four boilers. (In accordance with local codes and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction.)
Cascade system can help prevent interruption of heating plant operation, with multiple boilers available as back-up.
No pipe or manifold sizing required.

Look inside the system

  1. Vitodens 200-W boiler
  2. Low-loss header
  3. Vitotronic 300-K cascade control
  4. Circulators, check valves
  5. Distribution manifold

Product details

Fuel type

Natural gas (NG) or liquid propane gas (LPG)

Min. input (NG) for single & multiple boilers

32,000 BTU for B2HB-160 & B2HB-199
71,000 BTU for B2HA-285, B2HA-311, B2HA-352
113,000 BTU for B2HA-399 & B2HA-530

Max. input (NG) for single boiler

160,000 BTU for B2HB-160
199,000 BTU for B2HB-199
285,000 BTU for B2HA-285
311,000 BTU for B2HA-311
352,000 BTU for B2HA-352
399,000 BTU for B2HA-399
530,000 BTU for B2HA-530

Max. input (NG) for 8-boiler system

1,280,000 BTU for B2HB-160
1,592,000 BTU for B2HB-199
2,280,000 BTU for B2HA-285
2,488,000 BTU for B2HA-311
2,816,000 BTU for B2HA-352
3,192,000 BTU for B2HA-399
4,240,000 BTU for B2HA-530

Weight of single boiler

210 lbs (95 kg) for B2HB-160 & B2HB-199
194 lbs (88 kg) for B2HA-285, B2HA-311, B2HA-352
298 lbs (135 kg) for B2HA-399 & B2HA-530


Limited 10 year commercial warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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