We take responsibility for our environment

As a society, it’s never been clearer to us how strongly we need a pristine environment and how important it is for us to protect it. Viessmann bears a special responsibility as a leading international manufacturer of energy systems, and we act accordingly.

Commitment to protecting the environment

As one of the world's leading providers of heating and renewable energy systems with over 105 years of experience, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities as well as safeguarding the future of generations yet to come. Sustainability is an essential component of our company philosophy, and we continuously improve our processes to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Viessmann has been putting the concept of integrated environmental protection into practice for decades. Our entire value chain is geared towards it. Our brand values have served as the foundation for establishing an environmental policy for the company from which specific goals can be derived. Thanks to our environmental management system, we can realize this environmental policy and guarantee compliance with external and internal environmental standards.

We do more than just adhere to legal regulations and environmental protection requirements for companies; we focus on continually improving our environmental management system. We ensure that living spaces remain worth living in for generations to come.

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We think in terms of life cycles

“Is that sustainable?” This is the question we ask ourselves at every step – from the development of our products to their production, use, and disposal. We make sure to conserve resources during production. 

Our heating solutions excel during ongoing operations, thanks to high thermal efficiency and durability. 

We also participate in the take-back programs required by law in each specific market to ensure the return of old appliances. Since 1995, we have partnered with a nationwide waste disposal service provider to offer our customers in Germany the voluntary take-back of waste. We recycle our packaging in accordance with the valid regulations in place in each local market. In Germany, we are part of a solution which was brought into being by industry, trade, and crafts back in the early 1990s to take back and recycle packaging from the plumbing, heating, and climate sector.

We want to maximize the reduction of hazardous substances. To do this, we take a hard look at our processes and products on a constant basis and improve them. The relevant regulations on hazardous substances stipulate bans, restrictions, and limit values on substances with which all suppliers must fully comply. All deliveries and services must be provided taking these prohibitions into consideration. 

We develop highly efficient and environmentally responsible products

Sustainability is a top priority for us, particularly during product development. As early as the design stage, we ensure that raw materials are used in the production process in a way that protects natural resources. Our products are built for high thermal efficiency and a long service life. At the end of their service life, Viessmann products are professionally recycled and valuable raw materials are returned to the manufacturing and material cycle.


Environmental policy

The Viessmann Executive Board has established the following binding principles of action for all employees.

We improve our environmental performance

We create living spaces for generations to come, and in doing so, we continuously improve our environmental performance. In this context, we use the best available technology, taking into account economic viability. We assume compliance with all legal regulations as a minimum requirement.

All employees participate

All employees participate in the creation of living space for generations to come. For this reason, employees in all areas of the company are comprehensively informed, trained and included in the environmental protection concept.

We avoid environmental pollution

All our activities, processes, equipment, new products and services are tested for environmental compatibility before they are used. We regularly evaluate the effects on the environment and reduce them to a minimum wherever possible and economically justifiable.

We conserve resources

We use raw materials sparingly and energy as efficiently as possible. We reduce unavoidable emissions and waste to a minimum.

We consider environmental protection in all processes

Our efforts to continuously improve our environmental performance apply equally to planning and administrative activities and to our services.

We prevent operational disruptions

By means of suitable preventive measures, we avoid operational disruptions as far as possible or keep their effects on the environment as low as possible.

We regularly review our activities

We regularly monitor and evaluate compliance with our environmental policy.

We involve contractual partners and customers

Our contractors and suppliers must apply the same environmental standards as our own employees. Furthermore, we train our customers in the handling of our products and inform them about the relevant environmental aspects.

We are transparent

We are in regular dialogue with stakeholders about Viessmann's activities and environmental impact.


ISO 14001

The topics of energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainable management are becoming increasingly important. Management systems according to internationally defined standards make an important contribution here. As the compliance with internal and external specifications and regulations are checked within the framework of regular audits, optimization potentials are evaluated and implemented.


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