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Electric Boilers – Heating Without Fossil Fuels

Experience Viessmann reliability with the convenience of electric heating.

Convenient electric heating

Electric boilers are modern, convenient, safe and ecological heat generators. Our Vitotron series electric boilers offer convenient and reliable space heating without the need for fossil fuels. These small appliances can be installed practically anywhere, providing for plug-and-play ease of installation and simplified programming.

Electric boilers come in various output ranges and sizes, and they're an ideal solution for energy-efficient homes that don't have a nearby gas supply. These devices can be added to new and existing residential systems, and their space saving design and integrated components ensure a fast and simple installation.

Why use electric heating?

The rising costs of fossil fuels and growing concern for the environment are bringing about an energy revolution. And with the continual expansion of wind and solar power plants, electricity is becoming one of the main energy sources in the heating market.

No fossil fuels required

A power source is all you need to run an electric boiler – you can say goodbye to the increasing costs of gas and oil.

Fast and simple installation

Without venting and gas connections, electric boilers are quick and easy to install.


Electric boilers don't burn any fuel, and are very eco-friendly when used with energy generated from renewable sources.

Efficient and convenient

Electric boilers are generally more efficient than fossil fuel boilers, and they are simple and easy to use.

Low maintenance

With fewer moving parts than gas/oil boilers, electric boilers require less maintenance.

Future friendly

While we don't know what the energy mix of the future will look like, we do know that electricity will play a major role.

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Where can electric boilers be used?

Our electric boilers are designed to be used with hydronic space heating systems in low-temperature residential applications.

When we refer to "hydronic space heating systems", we're talking about water heating systems that are used to heat your home, e.g. via hot water radiators or in-floor radiant heating.

And the "low-temperature" applications we're referring to are systems where the water temperature in the heating zone is set to between 85° and 140° F (29.4° and 60° C). These are temperature ranges that are typically used with high-mass radiators or in-floor radiant heating systems.

If you have an old poorly-insulated house that requires high-temperature heating, then an electric boiler probably isn't the right choice for your situation. But if you have a well-insulated home that can use low-temperature hydronic heating, then our Vitotron series could be a great match for you!


How does an electric boiler work?

Electric boilers are compact devices that use electricity to heat water without burning fossil fuels. These devices operate by running an electrical current through a resistive conductor, which heats the water held within the internal heating element. The integrated circulating pump then sends this hot water out into the system to heat your home.

An electric boiler can be used as a stand-alone heating device, or it can be paired up with other devices in a centralized heating system. A solar system is the perfect partner for an electric boiler, and the combination of heat storage and free energy from a photovoltaic system enables very low running costs. Our products are designed to integrate and work together seemlessly, in order to generate maximum system performance and energy savings for your application.


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