ViCare App – Smart heating for your home

Stay connected with your Viessmann boiler and enjoy warmth, peace of mind and energy savings with the ViCare app.

ViCare provides the best way to connect you with your Viessmann heating system

The ViCare app makes the operation of your Viessmann boiler easy and intuitive. With the built-in wizard, you can easily monitor and program your boiler, set the desired temperature in up to three heating circuits in your home, and stay connected and in control from anywhere you have Internet access. You can also see your potential energy savings on a summary page.

Peace of mind at your fingertips

The ViCare app allows you to control your heating system via any connected mobile device. With a simple user interface, ViCare makes operation intuitive and accessible on demand. ViCare provides instant feedback and alerts about changes in the status of your Viessmann boiler. You can see at a glance whether everything is working as it should, and if not, you will be notified automatically.

You can also enter your contractor's contact information directly into the app to avoid stress and save time by ensuring that your contractor has all the information about your system at hand, and can quickly provide support. Finally, you have the option of allowing your contractor to monitor your boiler remotely via the specially developed ViGuide software.

Downloading and using the app

The ViCare app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It can be used in conjunction with an internet-compatible Viessmann heating system, or in conjunction with the Viessmann Vitoconnect WiFi module, or a Viessmann heating system with an integrated Internet interface. Please refer to the boiler manual for more information.  

Please note that functions available in ViCare are dependent on the functions available on the boiler itself.

For more information on getting started with ViCare, check out the following installation guide:

Take advantage of these benefits

Peace of mind

Warmth and reassurance in one view  – instantly check if everything is in order.

  • Green indicates things are operating properly.
  • Yellow indicates pending maintenance is required.
  • Red indicates assistance is required from your heating contractor.


Save costs, set your preferred heating schedule, and save money when you’re away from home.

  • Operate your boiler, simply and intuitively from the comfort of your home.
  • Set your desired temperature with just one tap.
  • Store daily schedules to save energy.
  • Set basic functions at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Completely care-free

Direct access to your heating contractor – just in case.

  • Your heating contractor's contact info is stored in the app.
  • Quick and effective support – all important information about your boiler is easily accessible for your heating contractor.
  • Safety and maintenance are part of this all-inclusive app.
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