Renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives

In Canada, there are numerous federal, provincial, local/municipal and utility incentives to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. These incentives can include rebates, loans, tax incentives and other forms of financial support.

Listed below are Canadian databases that will allow you to quickly and easily locate appropriate funding sources for your residential, commercial or public project. Your tax professional can provide additional assistance in identifying incentive programs and help guide you through the application process. 

Incentives – Canada

Natural Resources Canada offers a searchable online inventory of Canadian programs in the Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs. 

> NRCan Program Search

The Natural Resources Canada website also provides details on incentives and rebates for selected ENERGY STAR products in Canada.


Incentives – Ontario

Union Gas offers a variety of incentives for homeowners and business customers including Space and Water Heating Programs.

> Union Gas Homeowner Incentives

> Union Gas Business Incentives

Enbridge Gas also offers incentives for homeowners and business customers.

> Enbridge Gas Homeowner Incentives

> Enbridge Gas Business Incentives