Vitotron 100

Convenient electric heating

Wall-mounted electric boiler for space heating in low-temperature residential applications. Rated power: 13.6 to 49.1 MBH / 4 to 14.4 kW.

Compact design
No fossil fuels required
Fast and simple installation
Quiet operation

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Highly efficient

Operating efficiencies up to 99.4% ensure energy savings.

No emissions

With its all-electric design, Vitotron 100 is an environmentally friendly heating source.

Convenient control

Vitotron 100 comes with an integrated weather-compensated control unit.

Low maintenance

With fewer moving parts than gas/oil boilers, electric boilers require less maintenance.

Fits in small spaces

Without venting and gas connections the small unit can be installed practically anywhere.

Easy to use

All models can use a standard two-wire thermostat for starting/stopping.

Vitotron 100: Plug-and-play electric heating for residential homes

The Vitotron 100 is the easiest way to add hydronic space heating to new and existing residential systems, with a space saving design and integrated components for a fast and simple installation.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to install

Installing the Vitotron 100 VLN2 electric boiler does not require a gas connection, chimney or boiler room – a power source is all that is needed. The weather-compensated control unit utilizes an outdoor temperature sensor and heating curves, ensures effective control and adjusts the water temperature automatically according to the outside temperature.

Short video highlighting the compact design and integrated components of Vitotron 100

Efficient and convenient

The heating curves and operating efficiencies up to 99.4 percent ensure energy savings over typical electric space heating.

With efficient operation and advanced controls, the Vitotron 100 simultaneously offers a high level of user comfort and is perfect for low-temperature heating applications in space-restrictive areas like closets and small mechanical rooms. Without venting and gas connections, the small plug-and-play devices can be installed practically anywhere.

Easy to use control unit on Vitotron 100

Low maintenance and perfect for small vacation homes and additions

Automatic outdoor temperature sensor and warm weather shutdown can be used to keep remote locations warm without using excess energy. The Vitotron 100 switches on when the temperature falls below an individually set minimum temperature, allowing it to keep the room temperature in the comfort range.

Heat storage

The use of an electric boiler in conjunction with a hot water buffer tank ensures convenient and inexpensive heating with relatively low system costs. Vitotron 100 can be used as a backup to a heat pump or used to maintain a storage tank to take advantage of off-peak utility rates. It features an external shutdown input which can be used in conjunction with hybrid systems and utility home energy management systems.

Vitotron 100 is also a perfect partner for photovoltaic and as a backup to solar thermal systems. This allows the boiler to be operated even more cost-effectively, as priority is given to using the free, self-generated energy from the roof. The combination of heat storage and free energy from a photovoltaic system enables very low running costs.

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Advantages of the Vitotron 100

Fully electric low temperature heating with an output range of 13.6 to 49.1 MBH / 4 to 14.4 kW.
Automatic modulation of the heating output according to the heat demand.
The water temperature in the heating zone can be set to between 85° and 140° F (29.4° and 60° C).
Flexible and space saving installation.
Comes with integrated 3-speed circulating pump and a digital control unit with outdoor reset logic.
Can be used as a primary low-temperature heat source or as backup.

Look inside Vitotron 100

  1. Weather-compensated control unit
  2. Heating element
  3. High-efficiency pump
  4. Safety valve
  5. Water inlet and outlet

Product details

Boiler rated power

13,652 Btu/h (4 kW) for VLN2-04
20,478 Btu/h (6 kW) for VLN2-06
27,304 Btu/h (8 kW) for VLN2-08
40,956 Btu/h (12 kW) for VLN2-12
49,147 Btu/h (14.4 kW) for VLN2-14.4


240 Volts

Rated current

16.66 Amps for VLN2-04
25.0 Amps for VLN2-06
33.3 Amps for VLN2-08
50.0 Amps for VLN2-12
60.0 Amps for VLN2-14.4

Operating temperature range

85° - 140° F (29° - 60° C)

Maximum pressure

30 psi (2 bar)

Minimum flow rate

1.1 GPM (4.16 L/m) for VLN2-04
1.32 GPM (5 L/m) for all other models

Total weight

68.5 lbs (31 kg)

Overall dimensions


28 inches (711 mm)


17 inches (432 mm)


9⅞ inches (251 mm)


Limited 2-year warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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