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Discover hot water comfort with Vitocell

With the Vitocell product family, Viessmann offers reliable and comfortable domestic hot water for every household.

Indirect-fired DHW storage tanks

There is a Vitocell hot water tank suited to meet every family's needs. With a new Vitocell tank from Viessmann, you can increase your family's comfort level and your savings at the same time. Fast recovery rates, large water volume, and low standby losses equate to comfort, convenience, efficiency and reliability. Choose Vitocell – choose peace of mind.

Just like central heating, domestic hot water (DHW) is essential for your family's comfort. To maintain comfortable hot water for every type of home, Viessmann offers a wide range of domestic hot water storage tanks. Vitocell models are available to suit a range of needs, including single-coil tanks in both horizontal and vertical designs, and dual-coil vertical tanks for solar heating applications.

Maximum system performance

In contrast to most conventional direct-fired tanks, indirect-fired Vitocell tanks from Viessmann use the heating water from a boiler to heat the tank water. Space heating and domestic hot water production are integrated into one system for maximum performance and efficiency.

Each Vitocell tank is supplied with a thick layer of highly effective thermal insulation, to keep heat losses to a minimum. This helps reduce your operating costs and ensures the reliable and efficient supply of domestic hot water.

What advantages do our Vitocell tanks offer?

Extremely durable

Our corrosion-resistant tanks are made of high-grade stainless steel to offer a long service life.

Fast recovery rates

Ensure abundant supply of domestic hot water all day long.

Minimal heat losses

Highly effective HCFC-free insulation reduces standby losses.

Low-lead certified

Certified to CSA Low Lead Content Certification Program, including US Safe Drinking Water Act, NSF/ANSI 372.

Fully hygienic

Constructed of high-quality homogeneous stainless steel surfaces.

Lifetime warranty

For all Vitocell 300 DHW tanks, so you can have peace of mind.

Built to last, with a lifetime warranty

All of our hot water tanks are made of high-quality materials and are designed to provide reliable and comfortable hot water with long-lasting performance. For the Vitocell 300 series, both the tank and heat exchanger are made of high-grade stainless steel, a material known for its durability, hygiene, corrosion-resistance and long service life.

Vitocell 300 tanks also come with a limited lifetime warranty in residential applications, so you can be sure your investment will deliver long-lasting value, year after year. For detailed terms and conditions, see the warranty sheet.

Stainless steel tank and heat exchanger coil inside the Vitocell 300-V
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