Innovative technology made by Viessmann

Innovation is the driving force at Viessmann, and we constantly strive for perfection. This is the main reason why we have been the technological trendsetter in our industry, and we fully intend to continue developing outstanding products and system solutions that set milestones and have a decisive influence on technological progress.

The development of extremely efficient systems for providing heat, steam, power and cooling is at the center of our research. We always look to meet the challenges of the future and satisfy the requirements of our customers, while setting benchmarks for leading technology.

Milestones in heat exchanger design

Innovation in heat exchanger design

From the biferral double-wall heating surface to the Inox-Radial heat exchanger, our innovative designs result in ultra-efficient heat extraction and provide a high level of operational reliability and a long service life.

Vitovalor - Innovation in fuel cell technology

Innovation in fuel cell technology

In 2014, Viessmann brought the first mass-produced fuel cell heating device onto the market – a world first. Vitovalor works in a highly efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly way. The device converts natural gas into electricity and heat. This operates through a chemical process, not through the combustion of fossil fuels as in conventional systems. In this so-called "cold combustion", hydrogen reacts with oxygen, which creates electricity and heat. This technology helps protect people from rising electricity prices, and at the same time safeguards the environment.

High standards

Viessmann feels a strong obligation to employ highly efficient technology that does everything possible to protect the environment. With efficiency levels of up to 98 percent, our heating systems reach the limits of what is technically possible. We set the same high standards for energy efficiency in relation to electricity supply, refrigeration technology and advanced steam systems. Continuous improvement is our goal.

Viessmann technology center in Allendorf (Germany)

The foundation for top quality is great development

Research and development have always been very important to Viessmann. This is illustrated with the opening of our new R&D technology center in 2017, which was the largest single investment in the company's history (at 50 million Euro). This new building at headquarters is designed as a technology center for all areas involved in the creation of new products.