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Heat Exchanger Replacement Safety Notice for Vitodens 200-W, B2HB Series (models 19, 26 and 35) and Vitodens 222-F, B2TB Series (models 19 and 35).

Why does Viessmann have a recall?

During our lifecycle testing methods, we have found that the heat exchanger may fail prematurely on a certain production series of Vitodens 200-W, B2HB (models 19, 26 and 35) and Vitodens 222-F, B2TB (models 19 and 35), manufactured between September 1, 2014 and April 25, 2017.

In some extreme cases, the back plate of the heat exchanger can corrode all the way through, allowing flue gases to leak inside the boiler cabinet. Under normal operating conditions, those flue gases will not exit the boiler cabinet, and will be drawn back into the combustion air intake. In most cases when this occurs, the combustion control will then shut the burner off. In rare cases, flue gases may leak into the surrounding space thereby potentially creating elevated levels of carbon monoxide. No such incidents or injuries have been reported as of the date of this notice.

In keeping with our exacting safety standards, Viessmann has started a voluntary recall of all affected boilers.


Am I in danger? Is it safe to operate my boiler?

No incidents or injuries have been reported at the time of the recall announcement.

You can continue to operate your boiler while you schedule a service call. Under normal operating conditions, if the heat exchanger in your boiler were to fail, the boiler is designed to safely shut down. Although no incidents have been reported to us,

As always, please ensure that your home is equipped with properly installed and functioning carbon monoxide detectors.


What do I need to do about this recall? How do I get my boiler repaired?

Please check if your Vitodens boiler is affected by this recall, by entering the boiler's 16-digit serial number on the following webpage. If your boiler is affected, please call your installing or servicing contractor to schedule a free heat exchanger replacement.


I do not have a contractor. Who should I contact?

Please contact your local Viessmann Sales Representative to find a contractor in your area.

In Canada, you can also contact Viessmann directly at:

Phone:   1-888-414-9157  (8:30am to 5:00pm EST, Monday to Friday)


Will it cost me anything to get my boiler repaired?

Any costs associated with this recall will be covered by Viessmann. This includes parts, replacement and labor. There will be no out-of-pocket cost to customers or licensed heating contractors that perform the necessary repair.


What if I can not get my boiler repaired right away?

Your boiler is safe to operate while you schedule a service call. The technology inside the boiler is designed to safely shutdown the boiler should there be any danger. Please schedule a service call as soon as possible.


How long can I wait to have this repair completed?

With any open recall an exact timeframe cannot be established, but prolonging this issue may lead to further problems. We recommend that you have this repair done as soon as time allows.


Can I wait until the warm weather to repair my boiler?

It is not recommended to wait this long to have this repair done. Please schedule a service call as soon as possible.

We realize that heating season is the time of the year when we use our boilers the most, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and burden that this situation may cause you.


What have you done to fix the problem?

We have redesigned the heat exchanger to help protect the back plate from corrosion. The new heat exchanger has a protective micro-coating on the back plate, and a diverter that will keep condensate away from the back plate.

The new heat exchanger replacement kit is being offered free of charge for all boilers that are affected by this recall.


I have questions not in the FAQ. What should I do?

Please call Viessmann directly at 1-888-414-9157, or email us at

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