Vitorond 200

Efficient, durable and reliable

Vitorond 200 is an oil-/gas-fired sectional cast iron hot water heating boiler, with Eutectoplex triple-pass heat exchanger surface for operation with modulating water temperatures. Rated input: 490 to 4387 MBH.

High efficiency up to 88.1% with oil
Triple-pass heat exchanger
Ideal for commercial applications
Input up to 4387 MBH

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Maximum heat extraction

And efficiency thanks to the triple-pass heat exchanger.

Long service life

And maximum reliability with extremely durable cast iron heat exchanger.

Low environmental impact

Thanks to low-emission combustion.

Comprehensive standard equipment

Saves valuable time in installation and sourcing of product.

BMS integration

Standardized LON-BUS enables integration with building management systems.

Problem-free transport

Into difficult-to-access boiler rooms thanks to sectional design.

No-compromise commercial heating

The Vitorond 200 boiler is a reliable, durable and efficient commercial heating solution. The boiler's sectional triple-pass design, combined with a special Eutectoplex heat exchanger surface ensures easy installation, economical energy consumption, high operational reliability and a long service life.

The bottom line: fast investment recovery through maximum savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

Built to last

The cast iron sections of the Vitorond 200 consist of a homogeneous, special gray cast iron. The resulting uniform heat transfer eliminates stress fractures. The material, shape and geometry of the sections, combined with production methods at the factory, eliminate any inherent stresses.

These factors combine to achieve the utmost in product reliability and serve to minimize repair bills and overall lifecycle cost.


Cast iron section of the Vitorond 200, VD2 series

Advantages of the Vitorond 200

The Fastfix system facilitates a quick and easy installation.
Thick insulation for extremely low standby losses and fuel savings.
VD2A Series features ThermControl integrated low-temperature protection logic and return water distribution system for a simplified design and system integration.
Wide water galleries and large water content provide excellent circulation and reliable heat transfer. No minimum heating water flow rate required.
The supply and return header system is pre-built for left or right connections and positions components properly.
Simple service and maintenance with full-swing left- or right-hinged combustion chamber door.

Look inside the boiler

VD2 series

  1. Viessmann system control (may not look exactly as illustrated).
  2. Highly effective insulation.
  3. Combustion chamber.
  4. Eutectoplex triple-pass heat exchanger made of cast iron.
  5. Wide water passageways.

Product details

Fuel type

No. 2 fuel oil, natural gas (NG) or propane gas (LPG)

Input (oil)

490 to 1059 MBH (144 to 310 kW) depending on model, for VD2A Series
1255 to 4236 MBH (368 to 1241 kW) depending on model, for VD2 Series

Input (gas)

508 to 1096 MBH (149 to 321 kW) depending on model, for VD2A Series
1300 to 4387 MBH (381 to 1285 kW) depending on model, for VD2 Series

Output (oil/gas)

433 to 932 MBH (127 to 272 kW) depending on model, for VD2A Series
1110 to 3738 MBH (325 to 1095 kW) depending on model, for VD2 Series

Combustion efficiency (oil)

87.3 to 87.7% depending on model, for VD2A Series
87.3 to 88.1%  depending on model, for VD2 Series

Combustion efficiency (gas)

84.7 to 84.8% depending on model, for VD2A Series
84.6 to 85.5%  depending on model, for VD2 Series

Overall weight (without burner)

1201 to 2127 lbs (545 to 965 kg) depending on model, for VD2A Series
3924 to 7429 lbs (1780 to 3370 kg) depending on model, for VD2 Series


Limited 10 year commercial warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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