Vitocell 100-B

Comfort and reliability in one economical package

Dual-coil steel DHW tank with two-coat enamel finish for economical domestic hot water heating. Dual heat exchanger coil for solar heating applications in conjunction with solar collectors and a heating boiler. Capacity: 79 and 119 USG - 300 and 450 L

Ideal for solar heating

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Extremely durable

Corrosion-resistant tank with Ceraprotect enamel coating.

Fast recovery rates

Ensure abundant supply of domestic hot water all day long.

Minimal heat losses

Highly effective HCFC-free insulation reduces standby losses.


Discontinuation notice

The Vitocell 100 series of domestic hot water tanks has been discontinued in Canada. If you are looking to purchase a new hot water tank, please consider the Vitocell 300 series.

Advantages of the Vitocell 100-B

Corrosion-resistant tank with Ceraprotect enamel coating ensures a long service life. Additional cathode protection is provided by a magnesium anode.
Increased energy savings thanks to highly effective, foamed-in-place HCFC-free insulation keeping standby losses at a minimum.
Large heat exchanger surfaces allow fast and even heating of the entire water content, guaranteeing a high level of domestic hot water comfort.
Two thermometers to show the domestic hot water temperature at the top of the tank and at midpoint.

Product details

Storage capacity

79 USG (300 L) for CVBB-79
119 USG (450 L) for CVB-119


PUR Foam for CVBB-79
Soft PET insulation for CVB-119

Weight (dry)

352 lbs (160 kg) for CVBB-79
452 lbs (205 kg) for CVB-119

Overall dimensions (with insulation)


26¼ inches (667 mm) for CVBB-79
34 inches (859 mm) for CVB-119


29¼  inches (744 mm) for CVBB-79
36¼ inches (923 mm) for CVB-119


68¼ inches (1734 mm) for CVBB-79
76¾ inches (1948 mm) for CVB-119


Limited 8-year warranty in residential applications. See warranty sheet for details.

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