Vitosol 200-T

Premium high-performance vacuum tube solar panels

Vitosol 200-T SPE and SP2A series are high-performance vacuum tube solar thermal collectors.

Ideal for domestic hot water applications
Connect up to 108 tubes in one array (SPE series)

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High performance

Highly efficient heat pipe vacuum tube collector offering high operational reliability.

Excellent product life

With rugged, high quality, weather-tight and corrosion-resistant construction.

Versatile installation options

Flat roof, sloped roof or free standing.

Discontinuation notice

The Vitosol 200-T series of vacuum tube solar collectors has been discontinued in North America. If you are looking to purchase a new solar collector, please consider the Vitosol 200-FM series.

Clean and dependable solar heating

As the cleanest, most abundant and easily accessible form of energy on earth, solar energy is the perfect addition to any heating system − whether for   domestic hot water, pool heating or to supplement your space heating or cooling loads. Putting the sun to work saves you as much as 60% on your hot water bill or up to 25% when using solar energy for hot water and space heating.

High performance design

Vitosol 200-T vacuum tube collectors achieve excellent results, not just year-round, but particularly in cold and windy conditions. The collectors' absorbers are located   inside vacuum tubes, which, much like a thermos, have excellent insulating qualities and prevent heat loss.

Product details

Gross area

28.6 ft² (2.66 m²) for SPE 9-tube model
57.3 ft² (5.32 m²) for SPE 18-tube model

21.3 ft² (1.98 m²) for SP2A 10-tube model
25.4 ft² (2.36 m²) for SP2A 12-tube model
49.7 ft² (4.62 m²) for SP2A 24-tube model

Absorber area

17.6 ft² (1.63 m²) for SPE 9-tube model
35.1 ft² (3.26 m²) for SPE 18-tube model

13.6 ft² (1.26 m²) for SP2A 10-tube model
16.3 ft² (1.51 m²) for SP2A 12-tube model
32.6 ft² (3.03 m²) for SP2A 24-tube model

Optical efficiency

73% for SPE models (based on  on absorber area)
78.5% for SP2A models (based on  on absorber area)


126 lbs (57 kg) for SPE 9-tube model
249 lbs (113 kg) for SPE 18-tube model

73 lbs (33 kg)  for SP2A 10-tube model
86 lbs (39 kg)  for SP2A 12-tube model
174 lbs (79 kg)  for SP2A 24-tube model


Limited 10 year warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

Installation type

For vertical or horizontal installation, on flat and sloped roofs or freestanding

Additional features

For SPE series, up to 108 tubes can be connected in one array.
For SP2A series, up to 96 tubes can be connected in one array.

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