Vitoligno 300-C: compact, fully automatic wood pellet boiler for new construction or heating system modernization projects

The benefits at a glance

  • Fully automatic pellet boiler with a heating input range of 44 to 193 MBH / 13 to 57 kW.
  • High efficiency up to 85% for excellent utilization of wood energy.
  • Innovative combustion technology for very low emission levels.
  • Flexible and space saving installation.
  • Ecotronic control with plain text user prompts and remote control monitoring option.
  • Automatic ash removal through a stainless finned grate ensures highly reliable operation and long cleaning intervals (ash bin requires emptying only once or twice a year).
  • High operational reliability provided by rotary lock valve for 100% back-burn protection.
  • Flexible fuel feed, e.g. pellet vacuum system with hopper or auger system.
Vitoligno 300-C wood pellet boiler

Vitoligno 300-C

The compact Vitoligno 300-C is a fully automatic wood pellet boiler for a wide range of applications – from residential homes to buildings with a higher heat demand.

It offers versatile and flexible fuel feed possibilities and can be converted quickly and easily from automatic to manual fuel feed.

The boiler features an input range of 44 to 193 MBH at a modulation ratio of 1:3, and ultra-low energy consumption.

German Design Award WINNER 2015

The German Design Award is presented by the German Design Council. Thirty design experts from the areas of business, academia and science evaluated a total of 1,900 submissions and decided on the winners of this prestigious award.

The Viessmann Vitoligno 300-C was named the German Design Award WINNER 2015 in the "Excellent Product Design – Building and Energy" category.

Vitoligno 300-C: German Design Award WINNER 2015

Efficient and environmentally responsible

The Vitoligno 300-C offers high efficiency up to 85% when converting pellets into heat. Innovative combustion technology ensures low emission levels that are similar to leading fossil fuel heating systems and meet the stringent regulations of the European Clean Air Act. Operating the Vitoligno 300-C is extremely easy and convenient – almost everything is automatic, from pellet feed right through to cleaning.

Flexible fuel supply

The Vitoligno 300-C comes equipped with a vacuum system for automatic pellet feed from the storage room. The boiler can also be quickly and easily converted from automatic to manual feed. Commercially available bags of wood pellets can be used for manual feed if there is insufficient space for a pellet storage room. 

Compact dimensions

The Vitoligno 300-C pellet boiler allows for flexible and space-efficient placement as all components are directly accessible for service and maintenance. An ideal option is installation in a corner of the boiler room. Viessmann offers a complete range of accessories for pellet storage and extraction systems from a single source.

Convenient automatic functions

Wood pellets burn with few residues – and even these are taken care of automatically by the Vitoligno 300-C. For example, the finned grate in the combustion chamber is cleaned automatically at least once a day. This guarantees low losses and excellent fuel utilization. Automatic ash removal compresses the ash in the ash box and ensures that it has to be emptied no more than twice a year. Due to the sealed ash box, ash removal is also clean and hassle-free.

Intelligent Ecotronic control unit

Intelligent Ecotronic control unit

Operating the Vitoligno 300-C is easy with the weather-compensated digital Ecotronic control unit. Up to four heating circuits with mixing valve can be controlled with the standard version. The boiler with pellet supply, the heating circuits and the DHW tank temperature can all be controlled intuitively. Adjusting all relevant parameters is made easy by the clear display with graphic capability and multi-line plain text support.

Prepared for solar

In combination with a solar thermal system, current solar data is also shown on the display. The collector and DHW temperature are part of this data, as are the operating hours of the solar thermal system.


Safe and clean burning

Viessmann wood pellet-fired boilers are as safe and reliable as leading gas/oil-fired heating systems. Equipped with advanced safety and fire protection devices and a digital control, the entire system is closely monitored – from the fuel feed right to the heat transfer and venting.

Modern wood heating systems, such as the Vitoligno 300-C, do not contribute to climate change as they are CO2 neutral. In addition, Viessmann wood-fired boilers reach similar emission levels as leading fossil fuel-fired heating systems and meet the stringent regulations of the European Clean Air Act.

Where can I buy a Vitoligno 300-C?


To get a quote for a new Vitoligno 300-C boiler including system installation, please contact a licensed professional heating contractor near you. You can find a contractor in your area using our Contractor Locator.


Viessmann products are available from Viessmann authorized stocking wholesalers across Canada. If you need help finding a local wholesaler, please contact a Viessmann Sales Representative via our Sales Network.


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A perfect match – System technology

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." According to this philosophy, Viessmann does not just make individual heating equipment components that meet the high Viessmann standards for quality, reliability and effectiveness. Rather, all products are part of a matching concept, where all components complement one another. Only the perfect interaction of system integrated components draws out the maximum potential of our innovative leading technology.

Viessmann system technology includes everything you need for a reliable and economical heating system. The Vitotronic control unit with remote control, the powerful Vitocell DHW tanks for best DHW convenience, to high-quality solar thermal systems for cost-saving heating.

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