Vitocrossal Series

Powerful and efficient Vitocrossal gas boilers

Advanced condensing technology makes our Vitocrossal boilers an effective and economical heating solution for many different applications.

The perfect boiler for every application

Featuring boiler models for both residential and commercial applications, the Vitocrossal family offers superior performance and reliability. With the wide range of gas condensing boilers in the Vitocrossal product line, you're sure to find one that's ideally suited to your system requirements.

All of our Vitocrossal boilers have been designed with the future in mind, offering you state-of-the-art technology with high-quality construction, so you can enjoy many years of reliable heating and worry-free comfort.

What makes Vitocrossal boilers special?

All Vitocrossal boilers are extremely efficient, with clean combustion and very low emissions. High-quality components, including a large stainless steel heat exchanger, are the key to this high performance. The stainless steel heat exchanger inside every Vitocrossal boiler has a large surface area and offers ideal conditions for intensive condensation, resulting in efficiencies of up to 98%. The smooth heat exchanger surfaces allow the condensate to simply run off downwards, and this creates a permanent self-cleaning effect, ensuring high efficiency, long service life and reduced maintenance.


Stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger in the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A

Advanced burner technology

An equally important component is the highly efficient gas burner inside the Vitocrossal boiler. The burner operates in modulating mode, so that the boiler automatically adjusts to the required heat output. This happens continuously, without the burner having to be switched on or off all the time. As a result, less short cycling occurs, and this reduces wear and tear on the system.


The MatriX dome gas burner in the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A

Convenient Vitotronic control unit

Contractors and users benefit equally from the easy-to-use Vitotronic control unit, with its logical and clearly laid out interface. The control unit is backlit, high-contrast and easy to read. If in need of assistance, users can access the help system on the control, which will help guide them through the next steps. The graphical user interface can also display heating curves and solar yield.


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