Vitocrossal 200 CM2

Unparalleled flexibility and maximum efficiency

Vitocrossal 200 CM2

A versatile solution that's highly efficient and reliable

Vitocrossal 200 CM2 is a gas-fired condensing boiler with stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger and fully-modulating cylinder burner. Rated input: 131 to 2245 MBH (single) / 17960 MBH (cascade).

Ideal for commercial applications
Fully modulating pre-mix burner
Common venting up to four boilers
Quiet with low emissions

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High efficiency

And wide modulation range of 5:1 turn-down ratio precisely matches load conditions.

Extremely low NOx emissions

And quiet operation from new fully-modulating Viessmann pre-mix cylinder burner.

Venting flexibility

With installed air intake kit for direct/chimney venting (PP or stainless steel) up to 200 ft.

Simple installation

Pre-assembled burner simplifies installation and commissioning

BMS integration

Seamless integration with building management systems.

Fuel flexibility

Switch between natural gas (NG) and propane (LPG) with simple electronic conversion.

A practical approach to innovation

With its distinctive mix of proven Viessmann technology and innovative new features, the new Vitocrossal 200, CM2 takes a bold step forward while retaining the superior Viessmann quality you know and trust. The boiler combines unparalleled flexibility with maximum efficiency, making it your ideal choice for a new installation or economical retrofit in large residential or commercial applications.

Viessmann technology from top to bottom

A fully-modulating Viessmann pre-mix cylinder burner features a wide modulation turn-down ratio of 5:1 to precisely match load and provide clean, quiet and environmentally friendly operation. The burner comes fully pre-assembled to simplify installation and commissioning.

The generous heat transfer surface area to  heat input ratio of the stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger allows for maximum heat extraction while maintaining a compact size. Its smooth, corrosion-resistant surface allows condensate to simply run off – a "self-cleaning" process that ensures continuous condensing efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and longer boiler service life.


Stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger

Vitotronic 300, GW6B touchscreen  control

Featuring a large 5-inch color touchscreen display, with text and graphics for user-friendly operation, the Vitotronic 300 GW6B can be  used as a stand-alone boiler control with outdoor reset capabilities, or as a primary/secondary control in a multi-boiler system (up to 8 boilers)  – a separate cascade control is no longer required.


Vitotronic 300, GW6B touchscreen control

Advantages of the Vitocrossal 200

Low inlet gas pressure requirement (NG) as low as 4 inches of water column for compatibility with a range of supply pressures.
Large water content extends burner run time and reduces cycling.
Generous stainless steel heat transfer surface area for maximum heat extraction.
High altitude operation up to 10,000 ft (3000 m) with a simple electronic adjustment.
No dedicated boiler pump required due to extremely low water pressure drop through heat exchanger.*
Common venting up to four boilers. (In accordance with local codes and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction.)

* Contact your Viessmann Representative for boiler pump and low-loss header requirements in multiple-boiler installations.

Look inside the boiler

  1. Vitotronic 300, GW6B touch screen control
  2. Fully-modulating pre-mix cylinder burner
  3. Inox-Crossal heat exchanger surfaces
  4. Highly effective thermal insulation
  5. Wide water passageways with low pressure drop

Product details

Fuel type

Natural gas (NG) or liquid propane gas (LPG)

Rated input (NG)

131 - 663 MBH (38.5 - 194 kW) for CM2-186
175 - 878 MBH (51 - 257 kW) for CM2-246
222 - 1112 MBH (65 - 326 kW) for CM2-311
287 - 1445 MBH (84 - 423 kW) for CM2-400
358 - 1800 MBH (105 - 527 kW) for CM2-500
450 - 2245 MBH (132 - 658 kW) for CM2-620

Combustion efficiency

95% for CM2-186 to CM2-311
95.1% for CM2-400 to CM2-620

Total weight

726 lbs (329 kg) for CM2-186
759 lbs (344 kg)  for CM2-246
792 lbs (359 kg)  for CM2-311
1495 lbs (678 kg)  for CM2-400
1662 lbs (754 kg)  for CM2-500
1929 lbs (875 kg)  for CM2-620

Overall dimensions


73 inches (1852 mm) for CM2-186 to CM2-311
89½ inches (2273 mm) for CM2-400
95⅝ inches (2429 mm) for CM2-500
100⅞ inches (2562 mm) for CM2-620


26½ inches (930 mm) for CM2-186 to CM2-311
42⅜  inches (1078 mm) for CM2-400 to CM2-500
44⅜  inches (1128 mm) for CM2-620


66 inches (1676 mm) for CM2-186 to CM2-311
65⅝ inches (1666 mm) for CM2-400 to  CM2-500
68¾ inches (1748 mm) for CM2-620


Limited 10 year commercial warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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