Introduction to the Viessmann AirflowPLUS air handler

This 1-hour webinar will introduce you to the new Viessmann AirflowPLUS hydronic air handler.

The Viessmann AirflowPLUS air handler adds air heating and cooling capability to a Viessmann boiler system.

You will learn about the many great features of this versatile and high quality air heating option, and the best piping options for Viessmann boilers. This webinar will give you the information you need to start offering your customers the best air heating and cooling option for Viessmann boilers.


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Important disclaimer:

All Viessmann products must be installed by qualified mechanical contractors. This training video is intended for use by qualified contractors, Viessmann distributors, engineers and sales representatives, and is not intended for the end user. This video is not intended to take the place of the information contained in the Installation, Service and Operating Manuals shipped with the product.

End users are asked to contact a qualified contractor for all installation and service work. If you need assistance finding a contractor in your area, contact your Viessmann Sales Representative, or use our Contractor Locator.

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