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When it comes to finding the right heating boiler that’s perfectly adapted to your family’s needs and budget, nothing replaces the personal advice of a heating specialist.

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The technical expertise of a Viessmann Academy-trained heating professional ensures:

  • Informed and up-to-date advice about your heating needs
  • Selection of the right heating equipment for your home
  • State-of-the-art installation
  • Quality maintenance for maximum reliability & longevity of your boiler
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that you’ve made the right decision

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We are one of the world's leading international manufacturers of heating systems.

  • Third generation family-owned since 1917
  • German-engineered performance
  • Uncompromising commitment towards sustainable processes & efficient use of resources
  • Canadian headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario since 1980
  • Rated #1 for product quality, product range and overall service (By an independant survery of canadian contractors)

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