Vitocrossal 300 CA3 boiler a winner at MCEE 2017 New Product Competition

Viessmann is proud to announce that the Vitocrossal 300, CA3 commercial condensing boiler was selected as the winning product in the Heating and/or Air Conditioning Hydronic Products category at this month's MCEE exhibition in Montreal.

Press release

Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. is proud to announce that the Vitocrossal 300, CA3 commercial condensing boiler was selected as the winning product in the Heating and/or Air Conditioning Hydronic Products category at this month's MCEE exhibition in Montreal. Winners were selected from a field of 120 new products by a special jury of industry experts. According to the official MCEE press release, "...the winners of the new product competiton stand out from their competition by demonstrating an exceptional commitment to research and innovation."

With rated inputs of 2500 MBH to 6000 MBH, the Vitocrossal 300, CA3 is the ideal solution for commercial and light industrial applications.

Fully-modulating pre-mix cylinder burners with a wide modulation range and combined burner turndown ratio of up to 15:1, allows for precise matching of load conditions. The CA3 provides clean, quiet and environmentally friendly operation with outstanding thermal efficiencies of over 96%. The 160 psi pressure rating allows for this unit to be installed in almost any building.

With extremely low pressure drop, the heat exchangers are ideal for variable primary systems and eliminate the need for a dedicated boiler pump.

Gas fuel flexibility (NG or LP), multiple venting options (sidewall, chimney, common venting up to four boilers), and capability of high altitude operation – the Vitocrossal 300, CA3 offers a solution for almost every application.

The built-in Vitotronic 300, GW6C digital boiler and system control can be used to control a single boiler, as well as a multi-boiler cascade system. For larger systems, Viessmann offers boiler control panels for virtually unlimited cascaded capacities.

About Viessmann

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. Founded in 1917, the family business employs approximately 12,000 employees worldwide and maintains 22 production companies in 11 countries, subsidiaries and representatives in 74 countries, and a total of 120 sales offices worldwide. For three generations, Viessmann has been providing comfortable, efficient and environmentally-responsible heating solutions, tailored to the needs of the market. With ongoing research and development and a focus on product innovation, Viessmann has pioneered technologies that have continuously set standards and made the company into a technological innovator and pacesetter of the entire industry.

The Vitocrossal 300, CA3 is available through existing Viessmann sales channels.

Waterloo, April 2017

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