Vitoflex 300-RF

High-tech and reliable

Industry-leading rotary combustion wood-fired boiler, for wood fuels with maximum water content of 35%. Max output: 512 to 1843 MBH.

Fully automatic boiler
CO₂ neutral heating
Ideal for commercial applications
Containerized package available

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Highly efficient

With advanced combustion technology, triple-pass heat exchanger and modulating output control (turndown ratio 4:1).

Low maintenance

With fully automatic de-ashing, optional pneumatic cleaning system and flue gas de-duster.


Advanced combustion process keeps emissions of CO and NOx to levels comparable to those of modern fossil fuel boilers.

Flexible installation

Customized portable boiler enclosures are available to suit your individual need.

Maximum heat transfer

With triple-pass heat exchanger design.

Advanced safety equipment

Ensures safe and reliable operation.

Industry-leading design

With its patented rotary combustion chamber design, the Vitoflex 300-RF boiler features the industry's most advanced combustion technology. A feed auger continuously moves the wood fuel onto a moving grate, where gasification of the fuel under precisely controlled primary air takes place. The combustible gases (syngas) then rise into the rotary combustion chamber, where, through spin impulses of the rotation blower, the gases blend with precisely controlled secondary air, resulting in complete combustion.

Clean-burning and efficient

Equivalent in quality to modern gas combustion, the advanced combustion process of the Vitoflex 300-RF also keeps emission levels of CO (<10 ppm), NOx (<75 ppm) and dust particles (<0.06 lb/ MMBtu) to a minimum.

Plus, unlike oil or gas, wood is a CO₂-neutral, renewable form of energy. Used with our digital, modulating-output control, the Vitoflex 300-RF boiler achieves an efficiency of 85%.

Containerized package

The Vitoflex 300-RF is available as a fully containerized package for applications where housing for the boiler is not available or onsite construction costs must be kept to a minimum. This pre-packaged solution includes the boiler pre-installed in a specialized shipping container and all peripheral equipment. Customized containerized packages are available to suit your individual needs.

Advantages of the Vitoflex 300-RF

Fully-automatic rotating combustion wood-fired boiler.
Automatic ignition device limits idling and saves fuel.
High efficiency and ultra-low emissions with precisely controlled primary and secondary air.
Custom design of your system by our team of experts.
Five models from 512 to 1843 MBH (150 to 540 kW).
Available for 30 or 60 psig max. operating pressure.

Look inside the boiler

  1. Infeed auger with light barrier
  2. Primary air intake
  3. Secondary air intake blower
  4. De-ashing system
  5. Rotating combustion system
  6. Triple-pass heat exchanger
  7. Pneumatic cleaning system
  8. Flue gas recirculation system

Product details

Max. output

512 MBH (150 kW) for RF-150
751 MBH (220 kW) for RF-220
1024 MBH (300 kW) for RF-300
1365 MBH (400 kW) for RF-400
1843 MBH (540 kW) for RF-540

Min. output

154 MBH (45 kW) for RF-150
205 MBH (60 kW) for RF-220
273 MBH (80 kW) for RF-300
341 MBH (100 kW) for RF-400
478 MBH (140 kW) for RF-540



Max. fuel moisture content


Max. operating pressure

30 or 60 psi (2 or 4 bar)

Max. water temperature

250°F (120°C)

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