Custom control solutions for your commercial project

Our custom control panels are designed and built to meet your specific system requirements. We can provide the right panel to control even the most complex heating systems.

Building automation technology
CSA certified

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Remote control & monitoring

Connect to the system with your smartphone to change settings remotely, and receive notifications via email.

Full power distribution

And circuit protection up to 3-phase 575V.

Peace of mind

Enjoy worry-free, long-term operation with every custom control panel.


All devices within the panel and all of the outputs from the panel are protected with fuses and/or breakers.

Easy servicing

The modular design of the control panel makes it easy to service – any component can be replaced if necessary.

Clean, aesthetic design

Wiring throughout the panel is concealed in wire duct, creating a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Custom controls designed for you

Reduce installation time and complexity in your commercial project with our custom control panels and centralized power distribution. You can connect sensors, valves, pumps, boilers and any other equipment you need controlled, to one of our panels and let us take care of the rest.

Custom control packages from Viessmann allow the customer to incorporate features and functionality that they would not find in a single, off-the-shelf control. Our custom control panels provide a comprehensive solution that is well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and built to fully satisfy the customer's needs.

Designed with excellence, and built to last

All of our custom control panels are built with high quality components that are designed to exceed expectations. Most components and devices are mounted to the panel on DIN rails, to provide a secure mounting strategy and to make servicing easy. All devices and outputs from the panel are protected with fuses and/or breakers. Device protection is based on operational norms established by CSA and other associated approval bodies throughout North America.

Wiring throughout the panel is ducted, creating a clean and uncluttered appearance. All wire gauge selections are sized according to the applicable electrical codes to satisfy amperage demands of control and output devices. All wire terminations are finished with crimp-on terminals or steel ferrules, to prevent wire strand breakage and help ensure the long-term operation of the panel.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to exceed your expectations and to provide custom control solutions that are reliable, user-friendly and long-lasting. Since every custom control panel is designed based on the customer's needs, it's very important that all the requirements and details are worked out before construction on the panel begins. If you're interested in a new panel, please contact us today to discuss your needs and the options available.

Look inside the panel

  1. Touch screen user interface (optional)
  2. Pump switches (auto/off/on)
  3. LED  status indicators
  4. DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks
  5. Enclosed duct for wiring
  6. DIN rail-mounted components

Product details

Space heating

Mixing valve control
Fan coil
Zoning with pumps and/or valves

Domestic hot water production

Multiple temperature storage
Zone valve control
Set point control

Pool/spa heating

Set point control

Snow melt

Snow and ice sensor
Driveway, walkway, patio

Solar heating

Single tank
Double tank
DHW, pool, space heating

Pump control

System pump control

Optional features *

Pump features *

VFD pump control
Stand-by pump rotation
True pump operation status
3-phase pump output
Dual head pump output

Remote communication *

Integrated web server
Communication with BMS
Temperature display
On/off status input
Remote adjustment

Other features *

Touch screen
Operation timers
Fault indication
Plus many other features


* Not all options are available with every panel.
Features and options are based on the equipment installed.

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