THE ANSWER to modernizing older heating systems!

With its high water content and high-temperature operation, the Vitocrossal 300 CU3A is THE ANSWER for homes with high mass cast iron radiators or multi-zone high temperature fin tube radiators, as well as new installations with high DHW requirements.

A time-tested and trusted condensing boiler with over 20 years of performance credentials in European heating markets, the CU3A offers the following benefits to you, the heating contractor:

Ease of Installation

  • The floor standing design and small footprint of the CU3A allows for trouble-free positioning within the boiler room and eliminates the need for concrete platforms, cement blocks, or the construction of a wall on which to mount the unit.
  • High mass design and low pressure drop eliminate having to purchase and install special piping, dedicated boiler pumps, low loss headers, etc.
  • The Vitocrossal 300, CU3A can simply be connected to the existing system piping, making it the perfect "drop-in" solution for boiler replacement projects.

Straight-Forward Commissioning

  • The CU3A features boiler and system controls that are factory pre-set to handle virtually any application. 

Hassle-Free Serviceability and Easy Access

  • The smooth stainless steel heat exchanger surfaces allow condensate to simply run downwards, creating a permanent self-cleaning effect. This ensures continual high-efficiency operation, long service life, and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Inspection of the combustion chamber and burner components is easy. Simply remove the boiler's front cover, break the gas union, remove a few bolts and disconnect plug-and-play electrical connections and you're done. Just pull out the burner and rest it on the support hooks provided for that purpose. Any dust or debris that may have collected within the combustion chamber and heat exchanger can simply be flushed away using a simple garden hose.