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Featured products at CMPX 2022

Vitocrossal 200, CI2   New!

Commercial gas-fired condensing boiler
399 to 2000 MBH

Vitodens 100, B1HE / B1KE

Gas-fired, wall-mounted condensing boiler
8.5 to 199 MBH

Vitodens 200, B2HE

Gas-fired, wall-mounted condensing boiler
8.5 to 199 MBH

Vitocell 300-V

Stainless steel domestic hot water tank
42 to 119 USG / 160 to 450 L

Viessmann AirflowPLUS

Hydronic air handler
Heating capacity: 28 to 115 MBH
Cooling capacity: 1.5 to 5 tons

Vitodens 222-F

Gas-fired condensing boiler with integrated DHW tank
12 to 125 MBH

Vitocrossal 300, CA3B

Commercial gas-fired condensing boiler
2500 to 6000 MBH

Vitocrossal 300, CU3A

Gas-fired, stainless steel condensing boiler
19 to 199 MBH

Control Panels

Custom control panels designed and built to meet your specific system requirements


Software and digital solutions for both homeowners and professionals