Nu-Air HA Series

System technology from Viessmann

Nu-Air HA Series is a hydronic air handler, which works directly with a Viessmann boiler to provide perfectly conditioned air for any home or small commercial building all year round. Heating capacity: 25 - 102 MBH, cooling capacity: 1 - 3 tons.

High-efficiency fan motor
Quiet operation
Ideal for residential homes

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Ideal cooling & dehumidification

When combined with an evaporator coil and air-conditioning unit.

Flexible installation

With built-in filter rack for upflow, downflow, and horizontal installations.

Peace of mind

Integrated safety sensors provide constant monitoring of your home in case of thermostat failure.

Maximum comfort for your home

The Nu-Air HA Series uses micro-processor control technology for maximum comfort by providing warm or cool comfortable conditioned air with the quietest of operations. The integrated control logic provides efficient management of multi-stage heating and cooling systems allowing for greater energy savings, reduced utility bills and a healthier indoor environment.

During the heating cycle, the high efficiency ECM fan motor provides a gradual flow of warm comfortable air without the noise and on/off operations of typical set speed PSC blowers.* This gradual increase of fan speed prevents the circulation of cool air and also allows your ductwork to warm up reducing duct expansion noises.


Optimum efficiency

Unlike standard forced air furnaces, the Nu-Air HA Series is capable of covering a wider range of heating output. This allows the unit to precisely match the heating load of even the most energy efficient homes. With this wide range of outputs, there are fewer on/off cycles, reducing wear and tear on the unit, increasing longevity and optimizing fuel efficiency.  


Advantages of the Nu-Air hydronic air handler

Total comfort: Nu-Air hydronic air handler delivers comfortable conditioned air, warmer than heat pumps and many furnaces.
All models are compatible with standard or digital thermostats.
Manufactured to precise specifications, the high performance components are dependable.
Durable composite circulator pump which is less susceptible to water quality issues.
Engineered and balanced with extra insulation for quiet operation
Built-in safety sensors provide whole house freeze protection, in case of thermostat failure

Look inside the air handler

  1. Hydronic supply/return connections
  2. Heating coil
  3. Connections for up to 3 thermostats (for 3 zones and outputs for 3 zone dampers)
  4. Acoustic sound reduction insulation
  5. Blower motor and controls

Product details

Heating capacity

25,000 to 56,000 BTU (7.4 to 16.4 kW) for  HA 6018
34,000 to 78,000 BTU (10 to 23 kW) for HA 8524
44,000 to 102,000 BTU (13 to 30 kW)  for  HA 9836

Flow rate

5 USG/min (1135 L/h) for  HA 6018
7 USG/min (1590 L/h)  for HA 8524
7 USG/min (1590 L/h)  for  HA 9836

Cooling capacity

1.0 to 2.0 tons for HA 6018
2.0 to 2.5 tons  for  HA 8524
2.0 to 3.0 tons  for  HA 9836

Nominal airflow

700 CFM for HA 6018
900 CFM  for  HA 8524
1200 CFM  for  HA 9836


76 lbs (35 kg)  for HA 6018
93 lbs (42 kg)  for  HA 8524
94 lbs (43 kg)  for  HA 9836


Limited 3 year warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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