Viessmann AirflowPLUS

System technology from Viessmann

Viessmann AirflowPLUS is a hydronic air handler, which works directly with a Viessmann boiler to provide perfectly conditioned air for any home or small commercial building all year round. Heating capacity: 28 - 115 MBH, cooling capacity: 1.5 - 5 tons.

High-efficiency fan motor
Quiet operation
Ideal for residential homes

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Ideal cooling & dehumidification

When combined with an evaporator coil and air-conditioning unit.

Flexible installation

With built-in filter rack for upflow, downflow, and horizontal installations.

Peace of mind

Integrated safety sensors provide constant monitoring of your home in case of thermostat failure.

Discontinuation notice

The  Viessmann AirflowPLUS series has been discontinued. If you are looking to purchase a new residential hydronic air handler, please consider the Nu-Air HA series.


Maximum comfort for your home

With changing climates and a growing demand for both heating and cooling, the Viessmann AirflowPLUS offers maximum comfort and efficiency to any home or business, all year round.

The Viessmann AirflowPLUS is designed to work in combination with a Viessmann boiler to provide forced air heating and cooling, and the ability to combine the comfort of hydronic heating all in one convenient package. Experience the best of both worlds; forced air heating to some parts of the home and hydronic heating to others.

Featuring a fully insulated cabinet, top-quality ECM fan blower, wide modulation range, operating and diagnostic LED display and integrated control sensors, the Viessmann AirflowPLUS provides nothing but efficient, comfortable conditioned air day after day.

Ideal for both retrofit and new construction applications, the Viessmann AirflowPLUS gives you more heating and cooling options than ever before from Viessmann.

Advantages of the Viessmann AirflowPLUS

Total comfort: Viessmann AirflowPLUS delivers comfortable conditioned air, warmer than heat pumps and many furnaces.
All models are compatible with standard or digital thermostats.
Manufactured to precise specifications, the high performance components are dependable.
Adjustable feet allow the unit to remain stable on uneven surfaces.
Durable composite circulator pump which is less susceptible to water quality issues.
Trouble-free transportation into utility room with built-in carrying handles.

Look inside the air handler

  1. Operating and diagnostic LED display.
  2. Easy access slide out rails.
  3. Hot water coils.
  4. Integrated control sensors.
  5. Rear terminating water connections.
  6. Composite circulator pump.
  7. Pre-cut left or right side and bottom return access.
  8. High-efficiency ECM fan motor.
  9. Micro-processor control.
  10. Fully insulated cabinet.
  11. Built-in filter rack.

Product details

Heating capacity

28,000 to 72,000 BTU (8 to 21 kW) for AH2A-213
44,000 to 98,000 BTU (13 to 29 kW) for AH2A-354
51,000 to 115,000 BTU (15 to 33 kW) for AH2A-385

Flow rate

3 USG/min (681 L/h) for AH2A-213
5 USG/min (1135 L/h) for AH2A-354
5 USG/min (1135 L/h) for AH2A-385

Cooling capacity

1.5 to 3.0 tons for AH2A-213
2.5 to 4.0 tons for AH2A-354
3.5 to 5.0 tons for AH2A-385

Nominal airflow

600 to 1200 CFM for AH2A-213
1200 to 1600 CFM for AH2A-354
1600 to 2100 CFM for AH2A-385


85 lbs (39 kg) for AH2A-213
100 lbs (45 kg) for AH2A-354
110 lbs (50 kg) for AH2A-385


Limited 2 year warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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