New Vitocrossal 300, CU3A gas condensing boiler for retrofits or new construction

Viessmann is proud to introduce the Vitocrossal 300, CU3A floor-standing gas condensing boiler, the latest addition to their comprehensive line of energy efficient heating solutions.

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Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. is proud to introduce the Vitocrossal 300, CU3A condensing boiler, the latest addition to their comprehensive line of energy efficient heating solutions. The Vitocrossal 300, CU3A is the right solution for residential and light commercial applications – including high temperature, cast-iron boiler replacements, and multi-zone systems.

The Vitocrossal 300, CU3A combines high temperature capability, high mass (water volume), floor standing design, condensing stainless steel construction and modulating gas burner making it the ideal choice for boiler retrofits or new construction. From older homes equipped with free standing cast-iron radiators, to homes with multi-zone high temperature fin tube radiators, and new installations with high DHW requirements – the Vitocrossal 300, CU3A is the best choice on the market today.

The SA240 316Ti stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger offers ideal conditions for intensive utilization of hot gases, resulting in efficiencies up to 98%. The smooth stainless steel surfaces allow the condensate created by the condensing process to simply run off downwards. This creates a permanent self-cleaning effect, ensuring high efficiency, long service life and reduced maintenance.

Large water content is contained within the pocket design of the heat exchanger. This allows for simplified system piping with full system flow, eliminating the need for a dedicated boiler pump or primary/secondary piping.

The Vitocrossal 300, CU3A is available in four (4) models with inputs from 19 – 199 MBH and high efficiency of 95% AFUE on all models. The Viessmann-made Vitotronic 200, KW6B control manages the entire heating system and ensures economic performance and maximum comfort at all times. Features such as control of up to 3 heating circuits, intelligent DHW control, a variable speed pump output (0-10V), and multiple setback timers all give the user complete control of their system. The proven MatriX dome gas burner with Lambda Pro combustion control ensures optimum efficiency at all times with 5:1 turndown ratio.

About Viessmann

Founded in 1917 as a heating technology manufacturer, today Viessmann is one of the world's leading providers of efficient climate (heating, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions for the residential and commercial sector. Our integrated solution offering seamlessly connects products and systems via digital platforms and services to a holistic climate and energy solution, thus creating a safe and reliable feel-good climate for our users. All activities are driven by our company purpose, "We create living spaces for generations to come". This is the responsibility that we take on every day together with our (trade) partners.

The Vitocrossal 300, CU3A is now available through Viessmann Wholesale Partners across Canada.

Waterloo, June 2015

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