Vitosol 100-FM

Economical, high-performance flat plate solar panel

Vitosol 100-FM is a high-performance flat plate solar collector with switching ThermProtect absorber layer. Absorber surface area: 25 sq.ft / 2.3 sq.m

Best choice for solar DHW and pool heating
Connect up to 12 collectors in one array

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High performance

Flat plate collectors with switching ThermProtect absorber layer.

Excellent product life

With rugged, high quality, weather-tight and corrosion-resistant construction.

Versatile installation options

Flat roof, sloped roof or free standing.

Discontinuation notice

The Vitosol 100-FM  series of  flat plate solar collectors  has been discontinued in North America. If you are looking to purchase a new solar collector, please consider the  Vitosol 200-FM  series.

The Vitosol 100-FM is an economy series flat plate collector that offers high performance and quality construction at an affordable price. With an absorber area of 25 sq ft (2.3 sq m), the solar collectors can be adapted to meet any energy demands.

On average, they replace up to 60 percent of the energy required for DHW heating annually and contribute to central heating backup. In conjunction with a condensing boiler, free solar energy allows you to reduce your annual energy consumption for heating and DHW by more than one third.  


ThermProtect prevents overheating

An intelligent absorber layer protects the collectors from overheating. Viessmann's patented ThermProtect technology switches the solar collectors off when they reach a specific temperature. Temperatures of 167°F (75°C) and above cause changes in the crystalline structure of the absorber layer, increasing the rate of heat radiation and reducing the collector output. ThermProtect significantly lowers the max temperature inside the collector and prevents steam formation in the solar circuit.
When the collector temperature is lowered, the crystalline structure reverts to its original state. More than 95 percent of the incoming solar energy will then be absorbed and converted into heat. Only the remaining five percent is reflected. There is no limit to the number of times the crystalline structure can reverse, making this function available at all times.

Product details

Gross area

27.0 ft² (2.51 m²)

Absorber area

25.0 ft² (2.32 m²)

Aperture area

25.1 ft² (2.33 m²)

Optical efficiency

81.3% (based on  on absorber area)


91.3 lbs (41.5 kg)


Limited 10 year warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

Installation type

For vertical (model SV1F) or horizontal (model SH1F) installation, on flat and sloped roofs or freestanding

Additional features

Up to 12 collectors can be connected in one array

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