Venting notes for Vitocrossal 300, CT3

The Custom Stainless Steel Chimney System is a single wall, positive pressure venting system for a single vented Vitocrossal 300 CT3 application. This system is supplied by Viessmann.

The sizing used in determining the vent diameter assumes a five (5) foot horizontal breeching run. The vertical heights above contain an extra five (5) feet for the breeching run.

Non-standard offsets, horizontal runs or chimney heights must be submitted to Viessmann for proper size calculation and pricing.

Standard equipment: 

  • Stainless steel chimney
  • One (1) Viessmann connector / drain length
  • One (1) 5° elbow
  • One (1) 45° elbow
  • One (1) Tee-Y 140°
  • One (1) Drain tee cap
  • One (1) Stainless steel flashing (flat)
  • One (1) Viessmann exit cone
  • Supports / Stabalizing bands - as required