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Biomass Boilers – Advanced Wood Heating Systems

Modern wood heating is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative (or addition) to conventional fossil fuel heating systems.

Modern wood heating systems

Viessmann offers a full range of wood-fired boilers and related system technology for commercial applications. Our advanced biomass systems are fully automated and equipped with control and safety devices for reliable, efficient and safe operation. Taking the overall investment and current energy prices into consideration, a wood heating system is an economical alternative.

Viessmann biomass boilers are highly efficient, with similar emission levels as leading fossil fuel heating systems, and meet the stringent regulations of the European Clean Air Act. And best of all, these systems use a renewable energy source that is carbon neutral – wood, the most natural fuel in the world.

Why wood heating?

Rising costs of fossil fuels and growing concern for the environment have led to an increasing demand for renewable energy. Modern wood heating is an eco-friendly and economical alternative (or addition) to conventional fossil fuel heating systems.


When harvested in conjunction with sustainable forestry, wood is a renewable and environmentally-responsible form of energy.


Burning wood releases as much CO₂ as trees absorb in their lifetime. Heating with wood is therefore CO₂-neutral and does not contribute to climate change.


Wood is affordable and independent of wide price fluctuations. In times of volatile energy prices, wood remains stable and highly competitive.

Local and independent

Wood is a local resource and doesn't need to be imported from afar. It's harvested with minimal energy input and contributes to the regional economy.

High-tech and reliable

Modern biomass systems are fully automatic and equipped with high-tech control and safety devices to ensure reliable, safe, clean and economical operation of the entire system.


Our advanced combustion technology keeps emissions to levels comparable to those of modern fossil fuel boilers.

Efficient and eco-friendly

Viessmann wood-fired boilers use innovative combustion technology to offer high efficiencies up to 85% and low emission levels which meet the stringent regulations of the European Clean Air Act. Plus, unlike conventional systems that use oil or gas, wood is a CO₂-neutral, renewable form of energy that does not contribute to climate change (when the wood is harvested in conjunction with sustainable forestry).



Compared to traditional fossil fuels, the average cost per heat unit of wood fuel is lower in most areas in North America. So, while the investment cost of a biomass system may in many cases be higher than a conventional heating system, the fuel cost savings per unit of heat can offset the investment – making your biomass system as economical or better than a fossil fuel heating system. Plus, with a fuel source that is local and independent, your fuel costs are less volatile than with traditional fuels.


Reliable and safe

Viessmann wood-fired boilers are built to meet the most stringent safety requirements. High-tech, state-of-the-art safety equipment ensures the safe and reliable operation of your system at all times. Equipped with advanced safety and fire protection devices, and a digital control, the entire system is closely monitored and controlled – from the fuel feed right to the heat transfer and venting.


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